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Terms and Conditions

  • Smoking inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Consumption of food is not allowed in the vehicle.
  • The Passport pr ID number is a mandatory part of the contract according to the applicable
    law 4093/2012
  • In the event that you choose a private vehicle with a driver for your transportation, you agree to the terms of the rental of private use vehicles with a driver, in accordance with Greek legislation. The boarding point is a mandatory element while your disembarking point is informative to us for the best possible execution of your transfer. So, according to your needs, you will rent the vehicle with the driver for a specific time where we will define knowing the specifics of the area and you will sign the handwritten contract when you board. Please note that our vehicles always start at our headquarters and for this reason the start time will always be earlier than your scheduled boarding time. Also, the minimum rental time of 30 minutes and the minimum price of 36 euros will always apply from 01 April to 31 October, while for the rest of the period the minimum rental time is 3 hours and the minimum price is 82 euros. Also, according to Greek legislation, the registration of your passport is mandatory when concluding the contract. If you do not register it in advance, you automatically declare that you do not accept to provide personal information in accordance with the protection of personal data.
  • In special cases, Vanakee preserves the right to send a different vehicle from the one
    stated in the voucher. However, we are always obliged to be on time and at the
    predetermined meeting point in order to transfer our customers to their destination.
  • Vanakee preserves the right to delay in the scheduled appointment up to 15 minutes,
    without any further notice.
  • Your personal information, provided during the booking process, is going to be used
    exclusively for the best possible services to you and in compliance with the current
    law. However, if you wish for a future contact, you have the possibility to state it
    during the booking process by clicking on the respective field.
  • Cancellations are accepted 48 hours before the scheduled pick up time.
  • The information given in this website is true and accurate and you are over 13 years
    old. In case you are under 13, we will not accept your application.
  • In case of false reservation, Vanakee preserves the right to take legal action.
  • If you need to make a change in the reservation concerning the time or the day, you
    should notify us at least 10 days before the original reservation date, without any extra
  • In the event that you cancel your reservation 48 hours before the agreed pick up time you get a full refund. Otherwise Vanakee reserves the right not to make any compensation and you will not be entitled to a full refund. For pre-paid bookings, any refunds due to you for cancellations or complaints will be made to the card used to make the payment within 7 business days (business days being Monday to Friday).